It's a very relaxing, calm and peaceful song.

The vocals work well and the guitar is nice!
The mixing of the track was done quite good as well.

Overall, very cool song to your credit!

Crit Mine?
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Well right off the bat the recording and tone of the guitar is great. Very mellow and rich.

The vocals work well to a point. I think a big key is even if you're singing soft you still have to hang on to notes. I'm into Bright Eyes and Connor Obersts style of singing which can be out of key and reckless and I think parts work like that in this song but a lot dont.

I really like the "oooohs" which to me adds some brightness to a mellow song. At "and the knowledge of heaven..." I can't say I enjoy the background vocals. At around 2:20 the lead guitar (whose bluegrassy tone I really enjoyed up until this point" gets a little off beat.

Overall a very nice folky song with a rhythm that makes me bob my head. I really enjoy at about 1:30 when the volume bumps up and gives it that pwoerful burst.

Overall a nice folky song that is one of the better and more creative songs I've heard on here.

If you don't mind giving me a crit back that'd be swell!:

*Edit: After listening to "Trace Your Shadow..." I know you can stay on key. Vocals on pitch like that in this song would, in my opinion, make it even better!
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