Sounds... generic somehow. I couldn't really get into it.
I've seen this posted before, but I'm not one to care about that. Much too chromatic.
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how is that bad?
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I love Behold The Arctopus

It sounds alot better recorded mind you. They're better with the drummer.
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That's Behold...the Arctopus. I don't see how they are the worst band in the world, that's stupid. I actually like them, but obviously they aren't going to be for everybody.

That song sounds much better with drums on the recorded version, by the way.
I've tried to listen to them, but I just can't get into it. There isn't really any feeling or interest in their music (for me).
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what was the guy on the left playing...some sort of bass?
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how is that bad?

How is it good?
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Sounds like videogame music. Especially the twelve (it is twelve, right?) string bass.
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thats pretty epic.
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I love Behold The Arctopus

It sounds alot better recorded mind you. They're better with the drummer.

+1, they are the **** when they aren't forced to play Marshall MGs in the GW studio.
That was a pretty cool and odd song. Hardly even close to the 'worst song ever'.
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What the hell? Alcoholocaust from Nanonucleonic Cyborg Summoning?


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Wow that was bad. The singer is terrible, the keyboard player doesn't know how to play in time, the drummer is bad, and the kid playing the bass had no amp. I didn't hear the bass once in the entire song.
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