"the day and the reason for it"
your room is so cold
ill keep my clothes on
climb into your bed
all of the lights are off
in the morning ill
wonder how i slept
while your fingers crept
the right is warm

your mom talks alot
of an evil time
all good books were bad
everything right was wrong
in the age of pyramids
all dressed up in red
the devil robbed a man
of his wife and kids
she should know
the talk of the devil
invites him along

in a chapels bath
all dressed up in white
i was all prepared
to become baptized
when they pulled me out
of the water i
stood in a river bed
with the sun in my eyes

and the knowledge of heaven (h-e-a-ven)
weakens the blow of death (0-f death)
now it just excites me less (less)
and hangs o-ver my head

i am not afraid, of where i will w-a-ke up
i am not afraid, of where i will w-a-ke up
(continues until end of song and gets louder)

(then comes this line over the other lines)

the day is closing fast
ill meet it wide awake
the night is in my grasp
its dark wind calls my name

(this repeats until end of song.)

there you have it. give me some feed back. here is the song if you want to hear it. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cf...iendid=32602488