I am well convinced in buying a Jackson guitar and have my eyes set. Done my research for weeks, tried it out, posted many threads to conclude to block the floyd to keep tuning the second I get it, and love the WRXT.

However, my dad's "friend" convinced him that the ONLY good guitar companies are Gibson and Fender. (his friend also says pickups are meaningless *eye roll*)

Anyway, can anyone give information about the quality and durability of Jackson guitars in general?
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first off ur dad's 'friend' is a dumb saying pickups are meaningless, i mean the pickups gives most of the sound quality, as well as the wood, and also there are plenty of other good guitar companies, like PRS, Ibanez, ESP and even jackson.

anyway, yes the guiatrs are useually quite durable, except for sme of their floyd rose's sometimes ware out but can be replaced, and they are gd quality guiatrs for what u pay.
so yeah go for it, ignore your dad's 'friend'
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Your dad's friend is a mong.

Just tell your dad that Jackson are owned by Fender, which is the truth. Fender have tried and failed to make guitars that appeal to the more modern end of the market, so they purchased the Jackson name to give them a share of it.
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i own a jackson and a vintage gibson l6s frm 78...
the jacksons are awsome, not quite as good but still awsome,
ive only played 3(including my vintage) guitars i liked more than my jackson
seriosly... show them this thread...
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