Kicked my ass and sh*t in my mouth. While not quite up to par with the original, it was a damn good movie nonetheless. The lines weren't as good as the others', but the action definitely made up for it, at least in part. Justin Long is also an excellent actor and I think he's going to be pretty damn famous not too long from now.

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I saw an ad and he destroys a chopper with a car and then some dude says "wow, you just destroyed a helicopter with a car!" and he replies "yeah, I ran out of bullets".

I need to see this film. Die Hard rules.
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I didn't expect this to be as good as the first 3 but it's brilliant.. must see.
Man, even my mum likes die hard and her favourite movie is dirty dancing.

Die hard ftw
Die Hard was awesome, not as good as the first though, you can tell they made it more "kid friendly" than the first three.

Yippi Ki-yay mother****er.
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That movie was awesome so I went home, dug out halo one and went on the coag level and drove a warthog onto a banshee.
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i think it was freaking awesome. i actually thought the one liners were funnier than the first one, especially thanks to Justin Long. He is a very funny and talented actor. Plus, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is hot.

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Die Hard consists of lame one liners and intense battle sequences. Go see it!!!
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All I got to say is...... YIPPIE KI AY MOTHER F*****

But seriously this was a good movie. I actually found it quite funny at times.

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Die Hard consists of lame one liners and intense battle sequences. Go see it!!!

The one-liners are no better than Horatio Canes'
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The one-liners are no better than Horatio Canes'

That was the only reason why I watched CSI: Miami last year.
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The one-liners are no better than Horatio Canes'

That's true.
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Was a great movie. I think it was better than the 2nd and 3rd though. No way better than the original but pretty damn close.