hey iam trying to play Hangar 18, mostly the solo's. when i alternate pick, it keeps falling out of my hands, then if i hold the picker more tighter its hard to kind of pick it... any tips on what i can do to improve my picking or just practice more?
try putting your finger onto different spots on the pick, move closer to the tip.
If it's dropping out of your fingers, try using a gripping aid like Gorilla Snot or Blu-Tac ^_^
Only pick with the very tip of the pick, if your sound's becoming undefined because of this, try pointed picks like Dunlop Jazz IIIs
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Try a different pick. What I do is just take a knife or pair of scissors and scratch it up for grip.
Are you getting a healthy amount of fibre?
I had a similar problem a little while ago. What I did was take a knife and score my pick as to create a more gripping surface. This allows you to hold the pick less tightly but at the same time not lose hold of your pick. I'll see if I can find the article that gave me instructions to do it.
i hate those fender mediums... they break too easily. i like dunlop tortex ones, or like the other user said, try dunlop jazz III's
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Well, I used to be terrible at alternate picking, couldn't do it at all, but then I decided to just do ONE simple thing to improve it- Do the scales alternate. After a few months of this I discovered that I was just alternate picking great all he time.
Actually, practice up picking separately from alternate picking and down because you have to work on it too and most guitarists don't think about it.
yeah iam getting the hang of it, ive been at it for 3 days..many hours. i can do most stuff, just need to improve with it on doing solo's as i now know how they get through the notes so fast alternate picking!