Hey guys I am thinking about selling a twin reverb, but I also might keep it. How much would it cost to completely overhaul the inside (except for tubes)? I want to get the amp recapped, and clean the scratchy pots, and deal with a few other little ticks in the amp. One of the channels is a little louder than the other, but it overdrives a little more too, little things like that. What do you think?
no, the speakers are in good shape, and the pots need cleaning, but not replacing. Thanks for the info though.
If you know what you're doing, it's fairly simple to do. DRAIN THE CAPS! It's very potentially deadly if you don't. Once you do, though, buy the replacement parts, unsolder the old, stick the new in the same way.
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Heck no! Lol. I am not going to do it myself... I would kill it and myself in the process. Sorry that I was misunderstood. I want to know, simply, what it would cost to repair at the average amp tech. Thanks for the info though.
you're talking "Hundreds". I have 2 old Vintage Tube amps and the tech close to me has a 3-4 week backlog and said it would be in the HUNDREDS to get recapped, overhauled, etc. LABOR is what costs so much as most shops want $50-$75 per hour and UP! I found a guy on Craigslist that'll do repairs on vintage stuff for $35 per hour - BUT do I trust him? At least the shop I go to has amps stacked everywhere and 2 full time amp techs working away... also my problem is they're 60's amps and parts aren't that cheap for many older amps - yours may be easier to get parts for anyways.
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We're talking 500 or more, man.
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U serious? Dang. It's not that I don't trust u, but does anyone else have any other estimate cost on a recapping and biasing job?