I'm gonna buy a Recording package pretty soon and i'm either getting the M-Box Mini Package with ProTools LE or a similar package with a different Interface and Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3. Well, the only reason i'm probably not gonna get the LE version is because i've read that LE includes Video editing and a bunch of other stuff that i dont need; but it comes with the Ignition Pack with all those other programs in it, which the M-Powered version appears to not include, but i'm not sure if it does or not.

Does anyone know if the M-Powered Pro Tools comes with some other programs?(i mean stuff like amp-modeling, cab-modeling, synth. orchestration, etc, etc) cuz i have a friend who's been making amazing recordings with Pro Tools LE and he has alot of orchestration stuff in his that's amazing, and i'm probably gonna get the M-P version for the mainly Audio recording and i'm using a laptop to do it because i'm always on the road. Any answers here???

If the M-Powered version doesnt have it i'll just end up getting the ignition pack with it. But i wanna know before i buy. Thanks.
the special edition whatever bundle does, the bvasic one comes with a few plugins but nothing special, I recommend cakewalks package that comes with Sonar, which is a hell of a lot better than pro tools, unless you need pro tools for school or something, pro tools is a major rip off.
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