Our band hasnt finished this song yet. Measures 13-28 are the verses so dont think we made it that repetitive for no reason. Also havent made a drum part, so suggestions would be nice. It sounds a bit like A7X at the beginning. The name of the song has no significance to anything. Enjoy! C4C

EDIT: I finally took the time to do what you people say and add drums and bass. So heres the new file. The drum and bass line sounds kind of groovy to me.
Someday (H).zip
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that was great, really classical influenced. the descending sweep things were great especially harmonised
that was great, i liked the classical influence as the above user said. perhaps put in some bass to spice things up?
your leads were fantastic, but i feel there was too much waiting for them to come in, like bars 29 - 34.
Sigs are too hard to think up
That was really good.

I liked the 'classical intro' and i also liked the verse bit but i think you should add some bass in there. I thought that the bit after the verse needs more lead or something cos its a bit boring.

Really good 9/10
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Thanks! I see what you mean about the part after the verse. But then again, its the chorus. And i don't play bass or have anything to do with a bass so i cant write a good part for it. Yeah I'm working on way to keep the song from slowing down. Drums help, but there needs to be a good lead part.
this definately sounds classical, would be a great intro to a song, make a full one! oh with drums too
Thanks FNAFJ! But the drums i was thinking were more full and driving. Not that yours werent, but i need cymbals to make the song sound heavy. Thanks, but no thanks.
I like the intro......specially when the third guitar comes in....I really like 7-8
It should need a bass or drums or something from 9-13 cause it sounds too empty...and maybe try some variations to the second guitar too.
I like the way you used guitar 3....but it also sounds kind of empty with only one guitar...work a little more on the harmonization...
And well, finish it of course
I liked it.
I tried to help with the drums. But it only sounded half-way good. It's sort of hard to put drums with that.. lol

One thing I hear/see is at the beginning.. My ears keep wanting to hear a long note at the end of measure 8 through 9... I dunno. You could've ended it like that because of the fact that people's ears will automatically make the long note happen, and you want to surprise them. But that being said.. I didn't really like 8-11 regardless of that possibility.

And at measure 30, once again.. My ears wanted to hear another chord like the one in 29.

Also, I think you should add more to the lead at 35-37... It sounds sort of cheesy and lame with it just laying there by itself, so maybe make it into a solo instead of just 2 tapping riffs. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the riff. I just don't like how it sounds how it is, and I think that tapping would be a good solo intro.

If you don't mind.. I'd appreciate to hear what you have to say about my song. =)
it's good.
i really like it.

every thing is kinda perfect, i cant really say much more about it.
the drums are good. i really like the fast lead on bars 8, 35-37, etc.
the rythem is good and catchy.
well, thats kinda al i can say.

for the part itself-9/10.
i want you to finish this thing, it will be an awsome song.

btw, thanks for crit on my song.
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You can reaally hear the classical influence, which is cool.

The whole song is pretty good, the leads do the justice to the whole arrangement, but I'd have one suggestion concerning the riffs: spice them up a little. Add some arpeggios, vibratos, maybe harmonics? Especially towards the end, when there are only plain powershords.

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Very nice. Brief, but, efficient and nice to listen to. Very Melodic, almost sounded slightly A7x to me. Leads could definatly use some more expression, otherwise it just gets a bit tedious. But seeing as its still being worked on (I think?) then you'll have time to add all that later in the game.
This is cool. Reminds me of CoB. cool harmonies. The picking part (tremolo) starts too get a little boring. Bass is kinda lame but that can be fixed. Overall this is good but i don't really listen to CoB and that kind of metal so i can't really appreciate it

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The intro was sick. I liked when the harmony came in.

For the verse, I thought the tremelo picking backing up the powerchords was a good way to make it less boring.

I LOVED the drums for the chorus. Very catchy. I didn't dig the powerchords too much though. Maybe you could spice up the rythm?

All I can really say is so far so good. I can't wait to hear the final product.

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