Hello guys im new here. ok so i've been playing for a while and i finally decided to get a multi effecs... i finally decided for the zoom g2 but the thing is that i want it with an expression pedal. i know that i can plug one to the thing but what kind of pedal can i use for this? i dont really know about that (i would preffer to get the zoom g2.1u but in my country... i cant find it) so i woul like to know what kind of pedal i need to use with the g2, does it have to be the one that zoom sells? cuz i dont think i will find exactly that one over here xD!

thx for your help... and sorry for bad english xD
I have no clue about the separate expression pedal but I'm sure you can order the G2.1 from musician freind or something similar. I would recomend it, I have it and I love it, my expression pedal has started to creak but it's fine.
I've had mine for 3 days, i'm lovin it, especially with the expression pedal
I finally got my gear!

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I'm using the ZOOM g9.2tt, well it's the biggest/best pedal from the G series, but also the most expensive. Though I think a g2.1 would be just fine.
i live in venezula... here we are having lots of trouble with importing stuff so its hard to purchase anything online... thats why i ask what kind of expresion pedal i have to get to plug into the g2