(1st riff)
Another day passes by, and you've gone nowhere
As you sit there alone, your need for truth grows stronger
You grab your blade, and ride off on your steed
As the crowds stare at you, they ask, "What the hell are you doing?"

(2nd riff)
Your path is dark
Your mind is weak
All hope is gone
Will you go on?

(1st riff)
Your search for truth, it's an eternal battle, it is inevitable
You now know that you now will never get to rest in peace
Many condemn you for your path, nobody supports you
Your spirit grows weak, your mind is dying, but will you go on?

(3rd riff)
You want to know the truth of life, cause all you hear is lies
The gates of fate have closed on you, and there is no return
Find the light, and follow it, cause your path is dark
Your heart is scared, your mind is dark, can you go on, yeah?


(2nd riff)
Dark is strong
Need is stronger
You want to win
You'll fight on forever

(3rd riff)
Now that your heart is set, you can not give up
The need for truth is stronger then the want for a peaceful life
You can never go backwards, but forever you go forwards
As you ride on through the hordes of beasts, your heart becomes your mind, Yeah!

(instrumental outro)

-These are the first lyrics I have officially written.
"I've been visiting a psychiatrist for some time now. He plays mind games. He asks things like 'do you masturbate'? and I say 'do you breathe?'."
Ozzy - 1975
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