I've been playing for about 6 months now and my parents are considering getting me some new guitar gear. I currently have a squier '51 and a crappy practice amp. Basically, im stuck between whether or not i should get an acoustic, probably a yamaha FG700S, or another amp with better effects, like a vox DA5. What would you guys suggest?
Oohhhh. Thats tough. I'd choose Acoustic, just cause you don't need an amp, or anything, and i really like Acoustics. Haha.
But thats a really hard choice..
Hmm.. Well if you are going to be in a band, (Especially Gigging) I'd go for the Amp but with a little more watts. If your just playing in your bedroom or someplace in your house and just mess around I'd go for the acoustic.

God Bless!
if you have a squier 51... get a better electric... ive tooled with those 51's ... not too fond of em myself

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Thats noise violation in a box!
yeah, i dont plan on being in a band or anything, and my price limit is around 200 dollars. Either way, i'm probably gonna be playing in my room or whatever.
for 200? don't waste it on an amp, get an acoustic. If it's possible to get more money pooled, get a good amp. This is usually where I plug in my positive feedback about my palomino v16
I think you should go with the acoustic, just to have more variety. But if you're looking for a new amp in the future, look into the Roland Cube series. IMO they're much better than Crates and ESPECIALLY Line 6 Spiders and Marshall MG's.
Well really it's up to you. Would you rather get a better sound out of your electric and have better distortion or would you rather have an acoustic to fiddle around with, because they are a very different instrument than an electric. In my experience, there are some nice acoustic guitars out there for around $200, while amps are not so much. I mean, yes there are some nice ones like Roland Cubes or Vox Valvetronix's but really I think it would be better for you to wait to buy an amp till you have more funds and thus can invest in something a little more worthwhile.
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