Luckily a store near me started dealing Engl's last week, which I was overjoyed to hear. As soon as I heard about it I headed down there to try out some of the amps. Neither the SE or Savage 120 were in stock but I tried out the Powerball and the Fireball and was surprised with what I found. I tried them with one of the Engl 4x12s, I'm not sure which, and a PRS standard 24 with stock pickups, no effects or boosts or anything.

I was going in expecting to like the Powerball more based on clips I've heard and from what people say about the two amps. While it was a great amp with a lot of useful features and I could dial in a lot of different tones, I found the Fireball BLEW IT AWAY in terms of heavy riffing. The Fireball sounded incredible for the melodeath/thrash/death metal that I liked playing, with monstrous amounts of gain and it just had a certain growl to it that made it feel so agressive.

I had an opportunity to crank up the powerball and I must admit it sounded better and better the louder it got. I didn't get to crank up the fireball though, so I wasn't able to verify if the general word that it thins out as it gets louder is true.

I have a couple questions after trying these out that maybe you guys can help answer. First, I'm wondering if maybe I just didn't know how to dial in the powerball because I couldn't get as heavy, crushing, modern sounding, and fat as I had heard from a lot of the powerball clips going around. Can anyone reccomend some settings for a modern, heavy, thick high gain sound on the powerball? Also, would I be able to get a heavier sound than from the powerball from the SE or the Savage 120?

Also, pertaining to the fireball, is it true that the amp thins out as it gets louder and is it true that its hard to cut through a band mix with this amp?

Finally, from my impressions today I think I'll probably pick up a Fireball but since I'm planning on getting rid of my dual rectifier, can someone reccomend another amp I can A/B/Y it with to do the cleans and possibly the solos live and to mix with it to get an even huger sound when wanted? I'm thinking possibly the Framus Cobra?

Thanks to any and all who provide their insight.
I like the Fireball better too, I found it alot more agressive, and a little brighter. For solos, I would personally just get a good EQ pedal and give it a slight mid/volume boost, and you can find Blackface Fender Bassman heads for around $400 for a really good inexpensive clean amp.
I don't have any experience with fenders. If I were to go that route what cab would you pair a blackface head with?
well im feckin pleased with mine, seems to do just about anything with that great marshall voicing i love. well done engl
In my experiance the Fireball does not thin out when it gets louder and if it does it would cut through the mix better. I stand out loud and proud with it at practise.