well iv been thinking about a g-400 and a les paul standard plain top. are these good guitars? the specs seem pretty good. i know epi pickups arnt the best but you can change those so should i get these babys.

i play classic rock, hard rock, rock, blues and i need cleans to.
I just got an Epiphone SG G310 Ebony not too long ago (last month I believe) and it is freakin swweeeeet. You should check them out. I read all kinds of reviews and no one had anything bad to say about them
I'd go for the LP. Both are great guitars IMO, I own a Standard and I'm quite pleased with it. I would consider looking at the the Plain Top or Quilt top instead of the Standard though, they have a solid mahogany body rather than a mahogany body with and alder core like the Standard. The tone will be thicker and fuller... closer to that of a true LP.

Try them all out if you can.