i just got a epiphone sg and when i put the strap on and stand up, the neck divebombs down because the neck is much heavier than the body.

any help and what to do to stop this happening?
G310 or G400, Correct? Some guitars do that. You'll get used to it.
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It can be annoying and is very hard to fix, if there is a way.. You could always weld a lead weight to the body of the guitar? :P
Stop being a wuss and hold onto it!

No really if you position the strap right it won't. You want to put your strap on like normal, then "pull" it to the left. It's hard to explain but try to find a sweet spot. My V does this too.

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Adjust your strap, or learn to hold the damn guitar properly.
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You'll either have to hold the guitar different.. Or Move the top Strap Button (Were it connects too the body..) and Drill it out and move it.. which Is a pain in the ass..

So just get used to it.