I'm ordering parts for my guitar, and I'm wondering what caps I should get from guitar fetish. Its a Rg with a SH-2 in the neck and an Invader in the bridge (maybe, bare knuckle something, hopefully soon). Its has one 500K volume pot, a 5 way switch and the Clapton style mid-boost

0.047uF will let more low end in than 0.022uF. The Invader from what I hear is already rather muddy, so I'd lean more towards the 0.022uF myself.

Then again, caps are cheap, so why not buy both and experiment?
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Don't get the Invader. terrible pickup.
As for as a tone cap, anything is game. somewhere between .022uF and .047uF would be fine.

I didn't buy it, it was given to me so I'm using it until I can buy something else better for the bridge.
The size of the tone cap decides how much of the sound gets let through to ground.

Putting a .047uf cap will bleed more midrange to ground than a .022uf cap. Using the .022uf will bleed off more treble and less midrange.

Lower capacitance passes higher frequencies. Larger numbers pass more bass.

Since the tone control bleeds signal to ground, larger caps will cut more midrange out of your guitar signal.
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