ok well tonite i got both volumes of Creedence Clearwater Revival
and i was just wondering, wat are the must learn songs by them? i really like the tone and simple but good rhythms they have.
any suggestions?
^ that post made me go and listen to that song..

... and yeah learn it, its fun!
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Help me to live.

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Suzie-Q, Run through the jungle, Green River, Proud Mary, Lodi

And Bad Moon Rising, Looking out my back door, Willie and Poor boys (nice dominant simple bass line), Who will stop the rain.

And that's just the more hit worthy items.

(Damn, I forgot how many hits they had!)
thanks all. im listen to "born to move" and man i wish i could find the tabs this song. its amazing on bass. great rythem...not that like..punchy, but still very melodic and stands out.

and ya. haha. i picked different sounds and i was surprised on how many ive heard before in movies and stuff (like fortunate son) if u asked me before "have u ever heard the song "fortunate son" before?" i'd probably not know wat ur talkin about...but ya. theyve had alot of hits.