I have a 6505+ 120 watt head. I am interested in the Vader 2x12 240 watt cabinet. Do the speakers in a high watt cabinet need to be pushed extra somehow or will my setup sound fine?
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i wouldn't want to run, say, a 5 watt head into a 240 watt cab (it'll not hurt anything, just might sound a bit flat), but 120 tube watts should push a 240 watt cab fine.
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My friend runs a 6505+ through a vader fullstack and it sounds awesome.

It all depends on the sound you want. I personally hate the sound of speakers distorting, so I want a large amount of headroom between my amp's watts and speaker's watt handling.

If you like speaker distortion, then get an even smaller cab.

Regardless, if you're getting a vader cab you're going to be happy with it.

I just ordered a 4x12 and I'm anxiously waiting for it.