so on friday mum is taking me up to newcastle to try out some new guitars cant wait shall be so fun.

im going to billy hydes and musos corner together they sell schecters, Esp, ibanez, jackson and stuff like that

i looking for a guitar with a floyd and 24 frets but not a V shaped because i want to sit down.

this is mainly for metal so yeah also another question because im going to sydney the next week too look at another shop that sells deans what deans should i look out for

p.s my budget is around $1500 australian so thats roughly 700-800 U.S / U.K
Ibanez RG series.. Try a few of em out, they are great for metal.. Especially for the price.
You can sit down with Vs, just stick it between your legs.
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You can sit down with Vs, just stick it between your legs.

Yeah but thats really awkward..
When you said Newcastle, I thought you meant Newcastle in England, so when I saw the names of the shops I was really confused. Then I read the Australian dollars part.
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I'd recomend you to look into the Ibanez RG Prestige range...
you're better off with the Prestige's rather than just the normal RG ranges...

The Ibanez RG 1570 should be around your price range soo... check that one out.
why do people like rgs so much i tried one and it felt soo damn bad

anyway try an ibanez sz 320, 520 or 720 i think they all have same specs im getting one soon aswell.
Try the LTD MH-400 out and tell them that you can get it for $1360 from www.bmusic.com.au and they should price match, thats if you are after something like it.
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Get a Jackson DKMG. Floyd rose (not original though ), EMG 81 and 85, 24 frets, strat shape.
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