Has anybody got any tips for finding out which of my tubes is microphonic??
Ive heard something about touching them with a rubber(eraser) on the end of a pencil and the noise should stop on the correct tube. ANybody know?
lol , heard that if you take a pencil , and lightly tapping each one , the one that makes a significant amount of noise when tapped on is the one thats causing problems . All tubes are microphonic to a certain extent so you will be looking for a valve thats bad or going bad , so it would be microphonic above normal . Go ask Roc in the All you ever need to know about tubes Thread , he seems to know whats cracking
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If one of your tubes is shot, replace the pair, or quartet. One of my power amp tubes went bad so I just replaced both. It will help give you even wear on the tubes. Plus it'll make your amp sound a hell of alot better
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just turn all your controls on your amp to zero, and then tap on the tubes with something (like a pencil), and if they are microphonic, they will make a significant amount of noise.
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