here are two more songs i've been working on...
any crits and edvices will be cool.


edit: i added midi files.
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Num 9:

That whole thing sounded incredibly awkward. The drums were really disorganised and most of the guitar work was a bit dodgy. There were some nice persian-sounding bits (like bars 42-53), but the whole thing didn't sound right (you do know you can just have a 'triplet feel' rather than making ALL the notes triplets?).

Bass on bar 71 sounded AWFUL. Change that. Some of it just didn't fit together, some nasty notes (which sounded like they were in the wrong mode). It was a bit repetitive too.

Num 10:

Wow, you do like that Eastern vibe, haha. This one is much better. Sounded a lot more smooth and had class to it. There's quite a few off key notes in the leads which need to be fixed but generally that was pretty good. Loved the bass. The outro was a bit odd though.

Overall good job, Num 9 definitely needs some major work was num 10 was great!

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