I've been seeing a lot of guitars(mainly acoustic) lately which don't seem to have a marking on the fretboard (the dots that show fret 3, 5 ,...etc)

So.. what's the point of NOT having those markings ?
Well once you've been playing for a while you don't really need to look at the markings anymore. So they're probably for advanced players.
A skilled played shouldn't need them.

They're usually not there on classical guitars.
Same goes for sidemarkers on them.
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It gives some body shapes that classy look IMO. When you play long enough you dont need the inlays.
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Better for sustain

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Inlays and most of the other stuff most people think do have very, very little to do with sustain. Set necks and bolt-ons are basically the same. Neckthrus have a minimal amount more.

It's purely aesthetic. I could do with just one on the twelfth and side dots.
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One n the 12th is useful, beyond that the rest are decoration but tbh I like them and I think they make a guitar more interesting!
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most classical players do it because it looks unprofessional to have the inlays

that's what my guitar teacher says