Ok, so I'm about to buy an amp, here's the link for it- http://www.tech21nyc.com/tm120.html - It's a tech 21. This thing sounded really good, and I really liked it, but I also wanted to get some opinions on it, what do you all think about it? There are some sample sounds on the amps there, and I'm paying about 700 dollars for it. I'm getting the TM 120 2x12.
The other amps there were really good too, but the prices were just a little over my budget, actually I wasn't even going to bust out more than 500, but I really liked this thing, it sounded better than the other amps I tried at some other music store, which were line 6, Kustom, and Peavey (which I also liked as much, but o well). So any help or opinions?
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All I need is what you all think of tech 21 and this amp.
Just suggestions and stuff.