For the "main" riff, I guess you would call it, the tab on here says its two '8/8/6' power chords to 1 '7/7/5' power chord

But to me, it sounds more lile 2 Open E's, then '7/7/5'

Is it just me or does this sound right?
I have the tab book of this album. Tell me where you are talking about and I can help you if you like.
I guess it would be the 1st real riffs after the intro

theres a bit of drums
then it goes into the part Im talking about around 1:20/1:21
That is correct. The power chords are 8/8/6 8/8/6 to 7/7/5. The power chords are palm muted just to let you know and that might be why you thought it was two open E power chords.
Yeh, I believe I had that problem too, palm muted it then BANG it suddenly made sense... lol