the stabbing thing?

EDIT: Oh, the link changed...

Thats pretty pathetic. Something wrong with the world.
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Since when is shooting fireworks on the 4th of July BS? Its been done for years.

Edit: Wow, that really is garbage. Who the **** takes a picture?
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If you see something about 4th of July, reclick the link. It changes. It should be a stabbing victim article.
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Clarify, please.

Edit - Ah, okay.
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English law could take this into account, american law needs to be expanded by the looks of it. Some people these days are disgusting.
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About the woman getting stepped on? There's a thread about it.
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People ****ing disgust me. Who the **** takes pictures of someone ****ing dying on the ground! First of all, how the **** does the store clerk not noticed someone getting shanked and bleeding all over the ****ing store!?!? Second, is there not enough decent ****ing human beings on the earth that there might have been one there with enough ****ing brains to call for help?

edit: Wow, only said **** seven times, I'm doing better.
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Sadly, this is nothing new.

Read about Kitty Genovese. It's also highly disgusting.

Duplicate thread, there's one about this on page 1 or 2
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At least they stepped over her instead of on her.