I am looking for a new guitar for like a price range of $800-$1300. I play rock/metal/classic Rock. I want a guitar that is metalish but can also play some classical. Also I want a whammy bar and a guitar like won't look to extreme (like some bc rich).I was looking at some les pauls but they don't have whammys. Anyone know of any good guitars?
Ibanez RGs

And wrong forum btw.
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Reported. Take it to the EG forum, you'll have much better luck there.
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I don't think the pit will like this thread. Post it in the electric forum.
ibanez rg, get a second hand and you'll have more spared for effects pedals or better pickups
get a jackson dinkey(like me)
or get vintage guitar
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Stop saying Ibanez RG. Not everyone in the world can have one, lol. They are surely good guitars, but still.
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