Ok so I'm basicaly starting out to play and can play stuff that requires a note to be played one at a time. That then eventullay becomes a problem because I can't play chords. One of the songs I want to learn and play is Thunder by Boys Like Girls, but the whole song is all chords. Then again becomes a big problem. I've avoided this problem for quiet a while and I what to fix it really bad.

So can you please tell me how I should play this song, just the begining to get me start. Like where should my fingers go at what time and what fingers to use and such.

Part A.


Part B.

well, im no master of efficient fingering, but id put finger 1 on fret 2 string A. and fingers 3 and 4 on the G and D string. then you ove finger 1 when needed to string E. For part B, keep same 3 and 4 fingers, and use finger 1 on E string for fret 2, and when fret four is needed, use your 2nd finger. Hope it makes some sense.
Put your ring finger on the D string at the 4th fret, and your pinky on the G string, 4th fret. Then put your index finger on the A string, 2nd fret. Leave your ring and pinky where they are, and move the index finger around as required, also muting where it says x to stop the string from ringing. Use your middle finger for the lowest note of the first chord of Part B.
Well you just have to practice, and practice... It may take forever, but practicing is the most helpful thing you can do, and maybe you should try somthing a bit simpler, and work your way up to that. Because you may get frustrated with it, and discourage yourself.

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I wouldn't attempt that tab just yet - thats's dropping you in somewhere in the middle of chords. Effectively they're power chords, which are essentially easier than normal chords but actually come after barre chords in the natural order of things. Learn the 7 open major chords first, then do a bit of research into how theyre formed and look into the inversions eg minor, 7th, sus4 etc. That'll keep you going for a few weeks and also make your fingers a lot stronger and more agile. After a few weeks just mucking around with chords you'll find yourself changing between then pretty quickly...once you can do that and feel confident then it's time to move onto barre chords. Learning barre chords will also teach you powerchords, as all they are is the bottom couple of notes of a barre chord, and from there you're pretty much set to learn anything.

Think of this as famliarising yourself with the car and rules of the road before getting in a car. It might not seem as much fun, but it means that you'll be in much better shape for learning stuff and so will learn it a lot quicker. That tab will take you quite a while to get your head round becasue every fingering pattern is new and you'll only see them in isolation. If you take the time to do the groundwork you'll recognise chord patterns in tabs and that means you'll fly through them...instead of taking a couple of days to learn they'll take an hour or two at most.
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