so i went to guitar center..and was there for an hour or two...i saw at least three people buy MG's because their dads said it sounded "cool"....boy are they gonna be pissed in a week or two with one of those...anywho does anyone have the koa tele??
i was on work experience in a music shop and saw a guy buy a mg full stack so sad
Yeha I got an MG100 combo for my 13th. It was a right struggle to pretend to be grateful.
Anyone wanna buy it? Happily trade it for someone's sister or hot mother.
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lol yea i showed it to my dad and explained why he cant let any of the family get me one as a present
They make excellent paperweights though ^_^ Enough weight in one of those to hold down your caravan in a hurricane
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I saw a salesman trying to sell a spider 2 to some guy and to demo it he took a gibson les paul to make it sound better. What an ass.
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well i was looking at a blues deluxe at a local dealer, and the guy tried to sell me a MG halfstack. i lost faith in that store, and havent been back

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

sorry, stupid noob question. whats wrong with mgs?? (i dont really know what they are)
^ they are overpriced Marshall beehives

really thin, sounds like when a kid gets dog $$$$, puts it in a bag, then lights it on fire on your front porch. soudns like balls. you can get better sounding amps in the price range of ANY MG

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

mg's are low quality marshall amps. people buy them because of the brand not there sound. they are terrible!

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*writes down MG and remembers to avoid*
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Its sad because I looked at musiciansfriend.com list of their top selling amps and the first three are:

1. Marshall MG100HDFX/MG412 Slant Cab Half Stack Package
2. Crate GT1200H/G412SL Half Stack
3. Line 6 Spider III 75 Modeling Combo Amplifier

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The koa guitars are ripoffs, they're actually made of basswood and have a koa veneer on.

Still sexy as hell though.
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now the crates arent terrible, but they arent the best. I usually go to the peavey stuff or to VOX setups when I go to GC
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