I have narrowed my next choice of guitar down to either an Ibanez or a jackson

Just wondering what models you suggest and whih manafacturer is the better one ?

I like the snow white dinky pro with seymour duncans, but there are some nice ibanez....i really cannot choose.
ibanez s series

ZR trem nuff said, all it needs is a picup change and thats about it
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The Ibanez is:

- Korean made, you could probably get a Japanese Ibanez Prestige which would annihilate the JEM555 in terms of craftmanship.
- Not a real JEM really. It's just a cheap JEM lookalike, but not really the real thing. You can get better for the price.
- Nice Dimarzios, but the trem is balls. Edge Pro II.

Get a prestige!
I'd go with the jackson. Looks awesome, sounds better (in my opinion), even though the Jem there doesn't sound that bad.
The Jackson is alright, nothing wrong. The LFR (Licensed Floyd Rose) is a direct swap for an OFR (Original Floyd Rose; the best! [they say ]) without any crazy routing etc. etc. Seymour Duncan pickups are alright, pretty generic combo but good nonetheless. Its Japanese made, and play pretty well IMO. Can you try it out in a store?
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Which RG prestige, ..because ther are loads ranging from £300 to £1,000

If you can afford a JEM555, you can afford this then!


Ibanez RG2550e, which has an Edge Pro trem, which is vastly superior to the Edge Pro II, has Ibanez / Dimarzio pickups which ain't so bad, and its Japanese made with a FREE HARDCASE.
I like that guitar Mwoit but i dislike the colour so much.

I seem to get a feeling that UG favour Ibanez so much than any other manafacturer of guitar.

No one mentioned a Jackson lol.

my limit is £600
^There's also the RG2570E available which is like, silver. Similar specs too.

Check out the Washburn X40PRO, it's very good spec wise and plays rather well according to UGers.




As for Jackson, the best series is the USA select IMO.

EDIT: Also, what amp do you have? What music styles do you have? (Name some bands you like)
i know its nice looking at the on the internet, but i know choosing a guitar comes down to actually playing it !

The RG255OE is nice,

but the jackson dinky pro is nice and it comes with seymour duncans. Im gunna be playing loads soon at www.guitarvillage.co.uk