Been playing this awesome piece by rodrigo for a good while and got pretty much everything down, there's just been this small phrase bugging me from the beginning. I'm using the power tab version by Andy Smith (?) or something, and there's a part where a few notes are missing. Since it's a classic piece I don't want to improvise something that sounds like it, so if anyone that knows and have played the piece could lend me a helping hand it would be much appreciate.

As for my problem:

It's the notes 30-40 secs into it just after you've hit the c on the first fret and d on 5th fret simultaneously (should be pretty easy to find since you litterly stretch your fingers ^^), my version's noted down as:

4th string: 5-5-5-4-2-2-4-4-5-5 3th string: 2-2-5-4-2

It's obvious that somethings missing when you listen to it though.