I've been playing for 2 years and this problems always been getting in my way.

Whenever I practice something (scales/something from a guitar book) I get bored and turn part of the scale or song into a song or another song. This is becoming really annoying because I've been starting to play more frequently. I'm not very patient, I don't like learning solos because the ones I want to learn take too long. So, is there any way I could practice without getting into something else? Certain drills or something maybe?
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Ahhh, common problem. I have struggled with this for almost two years now, also. I'm guessing your problem is, you don't see immediate, obvious results and find something more interesting to spend your time on. Try this: Record yourself playing your scale exercises or whatever you're trying to learn. Spend 5-15 minutes playing it every day for a week. Record again. See what you think. Play them as fast as you can without making any large mistakes. Don't start over if you botch a single note. Your focus should be getting it a few times threw consistantly, flukes do happen ya know. Even if you record through a $5 microphone to an old cassete recorder, that works.
just restrict yourself more. I make my own practice riffs and very complex patterns then strictly play them only. Then once u feel satisfied after maybe 10-30 minutes of that you can move on. Lay down a goal for yourself each time you play and make sure u accomplish each one, without moving on until u do.
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