I started playing acoustic about half a year ago, and I've played quite a bit. Now I'm looking into getting an electric + amp etc. I need advice on what to get for my budget which is at the moment $725. I play mostly rock (well I will on electric, as I only have an acoustic). I don't have much experience with electrics, although I have played my friend's standard strat a bit. I need ideas on what set-up to get with my money, or whether I should save a few extra pennies first. I don't really want an amazing amp (I can't afford one anyways), and I was thinking a guitar in the $400 area. Suggestions appreciated.
That depends, what music you into? And don't disregard the amp, it makes up the majority of your tone. (Excluding your playing skills)

A versatile and good setup would be (IMO):

Fender Fat Strat (has a Humbucker in bridge for more gainy / rocky tones).


Vox AD30VT (modelling amp, "models" other amps to reproduce / replicate the tone)


Take a trip to Guitar Centre or something day and just try random stuff. That helps alot.
I just meant I don't need an amazing amp. The one you suggested is fine. I'd be willing to pay $100 more or so for one. I'm into mostly rock, especially classic/80's. I would play some metal too, but not nearly as much. I like a lot of music so I would want somewhat of a versatile guitar, but mostly rock. I've been to Guitar Center quite a few times already. I do like strats (your suggestion). However I also like LP's, as I'm a big fan of Slash. Never really got down to playing one much though, and I don't know much of the Epiphone ones. Thanks for the advice. I probably won't be purchasing for over a week, but I've been looking for a while now. Advice on customizing guitars would be greatly appreciated, as I know pretty much nothing on that.
Do you understand the differences between humbuckers and single coils, basic guitar knowledge? It would help alot if you read some of this.


Just some basic guitar knowledge would help you choose a good guitar.

A good starting Les Paul would be the Epiphone Les Paul Standard (I would not go below the Standards, they are not great quality).


The Quality Control is a bit sketchy, so I would play some in the store and purchase at store.

Yamaha and Ibanez (I am an Ibanez fan boy, so I must mention :p make pretty good mid range guitars as well.


This guitar is kinda similar to a Les Paul, but a bit different in design (duh). It has pretty good specs and would suit you as a beginner - intermediate.


Although many link Ibanez with metal / shred, the SZ series is pretty good as they are versatile guitars IMO. They would suit rock pretty well and good intermediate guitars. (Also note Ibanez make jazz guitars too
So would an entry level fender, such as the fat strat be better than an epiphone LP standard?

If an Epiphone LP standard isn't really as good as equally priced guitars I don't want it. I just happen to like the LP for looks and the fact Slash uses them. If the cheap ones don't play well I don't want one. Big deal if I like Slash.
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Schecter Gryphons are good 400 dollar guitars as well and are highly versatile.

BTW get a VOX AD30VT
Fat strat, and fender amp

Or a roland cube. Both very fine choices.
I don't even shred
Thanks, I still have to go to Guitar Center a lot more times to test. And for your suggestions any ideas on switching the electronics would be appreciated.

I do like Strats, but sometimes they sound a little too clean to me. I got to test out the fat strat more to see if it sounds, 'fatter'. Keep the ideas coming I appreciate them.

As for the Schecter, I thought those were mostly for metal. I haven't got to testing them out but I'll try on my next trip to the store.

I probably need amp advice the most. Would it be worth going from the VOX AD30VT to the 50 watt? It's somewhere around $120 more. I don't want a gigging amp or anything, as I've already said. But is the 30 watt loud enough to go over a band (as in practice w/ one)?
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