ok so i heard my teacher's 1200 dollar fender stratocaster (through a SS fender m-80) and the sustain of it was crap, the sound lasted for like 3 seconds... that's kinda normal i thought because it has a tremolo which dramatically decreases the sustain...
then i heard my cousins squier affinity strat (also has a tremolo) through a SS champion 110, and the sustain was good !!

i really have no explanation for this and i was hoping you guys could give me one cause i really don't get that a 1200 dollar fender gets beaten by a cheap squier on the sustain...
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Yeah, a well set up Squier will beat the crap out of a Fender with wierd action, bad frets, and ridiculous neck bow.
well the squier had a very low action, idk bout the fender but he's a good teacher so i guess he knows how to set up a guitar well
It depends on alot of things, including humidity, EQ settings, string brands, tuning, vibrato technique, etc. It may of been a one off thing.
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Any OD will greatly increase sustain. The amp also has a huge effect on it.