I'm really trying to get into Stoner/Sludge Metal, and I was what some good bands and albums to buy to get into the genre.
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Mastodon, I'd start with their album Leviathan, then move to either Remission or their latest Blood Mountain. I think you should take this to the recommendation thread though.
Electric Wizard (especially the Dopethrone album)
Orange Goblin

Those should get you started
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one word... KYUSS
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Boris, Isis, Pelican, Godflesh, Bongzilla, Kyuss, Queens of the Stoneage, Spiritual Beggars, The Sword, Sleep..
I'm just getting into sludge myself, and I'm really liking Eyehategod and Grief, so you might want to check those out. Oh, and rec thread. tsk tsk.
I really like Down, are there many other bands that kind of sound like them.
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Down, Type O negative, Alice in Chains, Queens of the Stone Age, the Album Damnation by Opeth, a few songs by Clutch are good smoke tunes aswell.
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Isis - Panopticon
Jesu - s/t
Pelican - Australasia

Those three albums got me started on sludge.