ive been looking for a decent priced heavier distortion pedal
i was looking at the digitech metal master or the boss metal zone
im not really sure which i should get
im also open to other suggestions of pedals under $100
When a pedal has to advertise what it's is supposedly good for in it's name, than it's usually not cracked up to what it's supposed to be, as with the two pedals in your case. Now to condradict my last sentence, go and get an EHX Metal Muff
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well, i dont really know what sound your going for, but i've got a boss ds-1 and a boss geb 7 bass equalizer. I like the combination because if you want a really deep metal sound you use both of them and if you just want kind of a gritty blues sorta sound just use the ds-1 by itself. hope that helps
man the metal muff it amazing
i use it for blues - metal and rock... its amazing its the only distortion pedal ive owend for over a year without getting sick of it
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a good distortion pedal can cover for a while. But in the long run I'd suggest saving for a quality tube amp.
Crunchbox... I swear it's so heavy and ballsy.

$109 though.
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Get the Line 6 Uber Metal. It's absolutely fabulous. I used to use a Boss Metal Zone but I decided to upgrade to the Uber Metal because of its noise gate setting (which cuts out almost all unwanted feedback and hum that I used to get with the Metal Zone).

BOY was I glad I did upgrade, the Uber Metal is extremely versitile for all types of heavy music from classic rock to hard-****in-core death metal, and it just sounds GREAT.

The only problem with the Uber Metal is that its quite the battery hog so make sure you purchase an AC adapter.

I was a little wary about the price ($99) of the Uber Metal (which is retrospect is NOTHING for the quality of pedal that your getting) so I got mine off of ebay and it's working out great for me.

im pretty sure im going to get the boss metal core
it sounds alot less digital than the metal zone and metal master
also its seems like it has anywhere from a light to heavy distortion that you can get from it

but im also wondering if eventual i get a line-6 spider 3 is it true you cant use any pedals except line-6 on it?
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