I have never had cab or anything before so my knoledge with them is very little.Ok so the question is if i get a head and cab with the same amount of wattage could i turn it up all the way up without blowing the speakers?How or how does this work?Would i need a head and cab with the same Ohms and wattage?
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You should match the ohms say your head is capable of 8, 4, 2 ohms don't go below 2. Stay above if anything.

Turning your volume up all the way can cause a speaker to blow that can handle twice the wattage if you have any kind of distortion in the signal. 100 watts distorted will blow a 200 w speaker before 300 watts of clean power will.
For bass, I like my cabs to handle at least 1 1/2 the wattage of the amp . IMO the higher rated the cab the better for bass. Different for guitar.
I dont like my bass amps run up past 1/4 gain and 1/2 volume. In my experience with bass equipment, if you play at 10 something somewhere is going to give sooner than later. If I want 400 watts of bass volume, I use 700 watts (headroom).
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Over 30 years in the biz. If you are looking for speaker info, I have tried many over the years . So hit me up and I will try to help you younger guys and gals.
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