Ive heard and seen people (slide guitarist in skynyrd) play slide and play what sounds like bird noises. Can anyone tell me how to do this?
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They make the noise with their mouth and pretend to use the slide.

Seriously, just mess around hitting high notes. No one told them how to do it.

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im gonna have to agree with getting a bird... but if you REALLY wanna make ur guitar sound like a bird
1. put a bird in your guitar
2. put some kind of machine that makes bird noises in your guitar
3. use your slide past the neck of your guitar, like more above the pickups, but if you play past the pickup your using, you wont here it through your amp

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ok. put guitar on bridgepickup. hold the slide in your hand and use the rim of the fingerhole to tap the small strings near the pickup.
Easy to do. Im a Huge Skynyrd Fan and I just had to figure it out.

Get a Slide, and slide near your pickups/strumming area between the neck and bridge.

Using the bridge pickup works better.
Well the way i like to do it is use a slide and put the signal through a whammy or a wah pedal. Sounds cool
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i think you're better off just getting a bird for your band.

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You just Put the slide over the area where u strum and play normally with the slide and itll work. the guitarist from the strawbs does it in there song autume. it pretty sweet :>