Im joining a band soon and I want to get a new amp.

I only wanna spend around a thousand or just a little more.

I need it for hardcore/metal music.

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A friend of mine uses a Peavey TNT 115 Combo. It has 150W, and when we play with a drummer (so only guitar - bass - drums) he plays at about 6 of 10 dots volume.

I can't tell you if it sounds good or anything else (don't play bass), I just know you can switch between active or passive, it has an graphic-eq and... quite everything I know.
It costed him 600€ i think.
This or this. I have played through these amps and they are just amazing. You can also get them in head/cab version but it would be a little more expensive. This is a pro-level amp, you would not need another one ever, you can connect extension cabs to them too so you could add a 4x10 or whatever you want.

Edit: I took it that you meant $1000, hope that was right.
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