Hey. I am about to buy a POD XT Live for my personal amusement. However, I am in doubt. Currently I own a VOX AD30VT amp. I'm getting kind of bored of it, so thats why Im buying the pod I am going to use this in recording and practicing, and maybe a bit in my band too. Should i buy a cheap tube amp(such as Fender blues jr) or a PA Speaker?
PA speaker. The tones in the POD and the Fender will clash and sound bad if you intend to use the amp models, and you'll be wasting money.
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Can't comment on a pod Xt live but i have a GT8 and some of the higher gain models and suite a few of the clean amp models get a good boost from the character of my tube amp.
But yeah not everything sounds as great but i think you can find pros een cons for both.

I am also curious what other people have to say about this.
Boss GT-8 Are great value.. But lots of people waste their money on pedals like these instead of buying good amps.. Buy a bloody good amp b4 the pedal..
Will a pair of samson 50 watts monitors work good for practice and band practice? Sorry I'm kind of new to these things
call me crzy, but i thin kit sounds best through a PA system, (poweramp + cab), or a solid state amp with flat EQ, both using the POD as a complete preamp (eq, amp modeling etc)

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