i really want to start recording on to a PC, i have used a tascam four track tape recorder before and done some looping and created a few backing tracks by editing songs for my band but now its time to start recording a little demo.

id like an interface i think its called, i want some thing i can plug in my guitar and some microphones and record some songs with good quality, my guitar, amp, effects, drums, cymbals and singer are all good but the only mic i have is a Shur PG 57 (i think) wich is fine for live but im not sure weather that will be teh best choise for recording vocals and im going to buy a shure mic for recording intruments with.

i am looking for some thing that will let me record some tracks on to the pc possibly more than one instrument at a time or with a click track or some thing to make it easier to overdub properly. i have looked at the lexicon alphas and omegas and the line 6 guitar port and tone port, are they good quality sounding peices of gear or should i look for some thing else? i have about 200£ but no more than that. i dont nessacerily want effects id probably never use them and i have audicity for editing things (if thats actually good quality) will the interfaces i mentioned ealier come with software?

please help thank you please
You should look up about getting an M-box 2 with Pro Tools 7 as the software. It's what I currently use to record, it's not too expensive and the quality is reasonable for home recording. Also, you will need to "purchase" some plugins for pro tools to add effects such as Guitar Rig and/or Amplitube. The program can be quite confusing but once you get the hang of the interface it's great, you can record as many tracks as you like with a variety of effects and if you can even record multiple tracks at once (there are 2 jack inputs on the M-Box). You will however need a reasonabley powerful computer.

Anyways, just a suggestion, it works well for me. Laters.
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Ive got a suggestion, might be out of you price/budget range, but it works. I would suggest the Alesis Multimix 8 firewire mixer. basically you have 8 inputs, 4 of which are XLR inputs for mics and each has a pre amp and phantom power. Also because its firewire, it sends all of the tracks individually, not just a stereo mix like the USB ones do. Me and my band just got the 16 channel one to record with and so far the recording quality is awesome even with the crappy mics that we have until we get some better ones. It comes with the program Cubse too for recording and has a click track. Comes in 12 and 16 channels too.