Hey people,

I'm looking at buying a new guitar because my current one is frankly a disgrace.

For a few months i've been trying out different electrics and i think i'm pretty set on a US Standard Telecaster. Unfortunately, being guitar shops, they just stick you through the nearest amp. And I havn't managed to try a Telecaster out through anything that is similar to a JCM 800, which is quite annoying, infact a couple of times i was stuck through an MG or something...

Basically, before I keep on rableing, does anyone out there, have a US Standard Telecaster? And if yes:

  • (if you dont mind me asking) How much did you pay for it?
  • What are the real pro's and con's?
  • How do you think it would sound through an 800?

Cheers people!
I can only answer question 1 because mine isn't due to be delivered tomorrow.

I bought mine here http://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_american_tele_mn_vw.htm (That exact model)

It wasn't quite the cheapest I could find one, but the free delivery and the 3 year warranty swung it (cheapest I could find from a reputable dealer was 599).

I'm hoping to get a chance to plug mine into a friends JCM900 in the very near future, but that's not a great deal of help to you at the moment.
Do you own a JCM800? If you do, tell them "hey, I've got a JMC800 at home and I'm not about to drop 700$ (or whatever) on a guitar until you let me try it out of a JCM800 or something comparable (that's only if they don't have an 800 in stock)".
If you don't own a JMC800, than who gives a crap what it sounds like! Plug it into the amp YOU own (or something of that same quality) that way you can compare it to other guitars and hear it's true tone. You could plug a 1000$ or a 3000$ into any tube amp and you're not going to notice much of a difference between the 2 guitars. Otherwise, you'll buy a 500$ guitar thinking it sounds amazing but really it's the 3000$ amp you are running it through.
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I've played a US Standard Tele, the natural finished one with ash body and maple fretboard. It's got great tone, has a really comfortable bridge, holds tuning, feels great, has a great neck, has great fretting, and overall just plays so smooth!

The only problem I could find was that the tone and volume pots were really sticky.

Teles sound like GOD through Orange amps. Seriously try one, they sound very similar to Marshalls but the tone is far far better! It makes any single-coil equipped guitar sound like a throaty, crunchy beast. Seriously try and find one.

And just ask to use a different amp in the store.
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If you own a JCM 800, bring it in to the shop and play the tele through it. I bring my amps to shops all the time to try out pedals, guitars or to compare it to other amps.
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Quote by Spadeace
Bring the JCM stack to a shop, dude you're crazy hehe

how do you know its a stack? It could be the combo. If he does have a stack, then he could just bring the head and use one of the many cabs at the shop.
When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
-Jimi Hendrix
Dude, anything sounds kickass through an 800. My first guitar (squier) sounds godly through my amp and when i plugin my USA Strat, it sounds only a handful better (although it is much easier to play). I'm confident you will be happy with a USA Tele as USA Fenders are never sub-par.
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Have a say, if they try and plug you into something crap, just say "No, you got anything similar to a JCM800?". I've had people try and plug me into crappy amps, I've just said no, or asked before that.
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Cheers dudes, yeah i do own a JCM800 4010 model, 1x12 combo 50W lead. It's a ****ing amazing machine. It's like a plexi on steroids, not that i dislike plexi's they're great too. but i love my amp, and it was a real steal at £249, i was amazed when i saw it for that, i couldn't let that deal slip by me.

Anyway, back on track, Thanks for all your replies, I was pretty sure it would sound amazing anyway, because most things do through it.

I guess it would just have a great kinda, classic rock, crunch sound?

Didn't Status Quo use Tele's through 800's? Maybe i could just youtube some of their live stuff?