I just heard a commercial on the radio last night, after the Guitar Center 4th of July sale was over, that their sale this coming weekend was going to include, "for the first time ever, US-Made Gibson Les Paul Studios for $699".

Anyone know anything more about this? Like, is this some "new" Studio that's stripped down and basically an Epiphone, or is this a price-drop on the standard Studios that are currently going for $1199 new?

The Les Paul in my collection currently is an Epi Les Paul Standard, and it's OK, but I'm thinking the Cherry Gibson Studio would be a sweet upgrade at $699, and I could still sell the old Epi for $300 or $350, to offset some of the cost...

If this is for real, I think I must buy one.
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All of the new Studios that I've played have been poorly built and sounded lifeless.
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Well studios are not the best gibsons but they are nor bad.In fact,since I wont be gigging with the Les Paul Standard,I woul like too buy a studio to gig with.

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i went yesterday and they weren't 699 here they were only like 100 dollars off
1169 after tax
i tried one and the tone and volume knobs don't work all that well
i've decided that i will get a explorer first then wait until i have 3 grand and get a HQ gibson les paul
They must be talking about the Vintage Finish LP's, or whatever it's called. It's like a faded worn finish. They're alright.
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Yeah - I was there at 10am when they opened, and it's basically the two finishes that don't look that finished at all - basically that woodsy Brown model and the woodsy Red model. The nicely finished ones (the black, the white, the dark red, the cherryburst) are all still a few hundred bucks more.

The one I tried played well, and I played it through the same amp I have at home and it sounded good - the other nice thing is that they come with the OHSC, and normally the case would be like $120 or something on its own, so it feels like this is a good deal.

Are these substantially worse or different at all, other than the finish?

Would you get one, even though it's not the nicely finished ones? (Like, will these wear down faster or corrode or anything compared to the glossy finishes on my other guitars)?
yea I went up there also and they are the faded one's on special. They play pretty good, I didn't know but the faded studio's come with the burstbuckers, not the 490/590 alcino combo like the finished studio's come with, and you get the gibson case, all in all, if you can get over the finish, it's a sweet guitar for the money

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that fourth of july sale was bomb. The white Steve Vai sig was going for $1700 and you could have bargined a better price. Most stuff (that i was checkin out) was about $100 off.
but the best GC sale is always Labor Day sale, those are always OMFG amazing
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