Ok im almost certainly gona try and get the laney lc30w all tube mkII of my friend. First of all is it any good, and although it dont really matter does it have basic delays and other effects. I know its got spring reverb. And would be loud enough to play in a metal/punk style band. And how big a gigs would you be able to do.

BTW im thinking of getting it off my mate for around £200, although ill try knock him down a bit, and its got an upgraded bigger speaker. Also as far as i know, when i asked him he only plays it on around volume lvl 1, so not much use to tubes and hes only had it 6 months, but he wants an orange now.

Also i generally tend to play most metal, rock and punk, i assume this amp is suited to it. Although i do sometimes use clean channel its rare. And ive got a metal muff distortion pedal would that still be usable?
Yeah, should fit you well, maybe also look at the Marshall DSL401? Also has good modern OD. If you want vintage sounding OD, then look into the Laney VC30.
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ok sorry about that. And when i say metal i mean more vintage metal such as sabbath, maybe some megadeth or w/e. And i hear that tony iommi (lead sabbath guitarist) uses laney. So do you reckon it would cut it?
well i got a metal muff as listed above and an epiphone iommi SG with hot pups
so it would cope ok with high gain situations, if not any other good laney amps?
It wont push to high gain on its own. But sabbath was bearly high gain to begin with. It's got the gain to do sabbath, but it's a tad bright for it. With some EQing it'd manage, but you'd be better off with some alternatiev source of distortion, something a bit darker sounding to run through it.