hi, i have a wireless-g broadband router up in my room and for some reason it is disabled and i cannot get it back working again. can anyone help me out? thanks
if it stopped working after you put a pw on it, then you should reinstall it...
"Disabled" is very general, if you could exactly tell us on which steps/where you're having trouble, then it'll be easier for us to help you.
^ okay well in the bottom right hand corner of my screen next to the time there is a little picture of 2 computer which i assume means the 2 computers that are connected, no? okay well when i click on this icon it says i am currently connected to ''network 2'' which i assume is in my bedroom. so when i click on this it has a picture of this computer>my computer>internet. generally when the internet isnt working it says this computer>x(meaning no internet)>internet.
i really dont know what is wrong and i hope someone out there can understand it.
if you have an ecription key(sp) try restarting the computer and then putting that back in. Works with my moms laptop.