Lyrics-wise. I can only right not depressing, but definately not happy songs, or ballads. I went over to the songwriting forum to get some idea, but all those songs are sad too! is there any advice anyone can give me?
write about something that you really really like!
I wrote a song about the summer
write about pie.

i'm dead serious. who could write anything bad about pie?

maybe you'll get a breakthrough.
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idk, listen to some Sublime. a few of their songs are fairly upbeat. also, just because a song is about something sad, it dosen't exactly make it a sad song, it could be about overcoming some big life obsticle
bruce springsteen thinks about how smokey robinson wud sing a song when he wants to just do a layed back happy poppy song
keep blues alive
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write about pie.

i'm dead serious. who could write anything bad about pie?

maybe you'll get a breakthrough.

I wrote a song about Lemon Pie. It was a parody of Yesterday by The Beatles...second (complete) song I ever wrote. It sung great praises to the wondrous Lemon Pie, even though I don't like any pie.

That was a boring science class...
Happy ska rhythm is all you need, listen to some reggae, man.
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my neew year reslosutions are not too drikn as much lol.

happy new yeeae guyas.
music is depression, thats what I has been tought at school ^ ^ ...

just do whatever you heart want to do... ^ ^
If you are guitarist, shout with ur guitar, cry with it, feel it...
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Haha, I had a paragraph written about writing happy music instrument wise before I realized that's not what you're asking for. I don't really have any advice for happy lyrics, though :/ If I to think of something, it would be to try to think about something that's pleasant, or beautiful, and elaborate on why it does - like with metaphors and stuff. Kind of like the verses of "Wish You Were Here" by Incubus, where he goes "The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket" and "The sky resembles a backlit canopy with holes punched in it."

I guess I did have some advice after all . hope that helps.
I wrote a song about the sun because I love it. the first day after winter it was sunny as all hell so i went outside this girl I was with brought her acoustic bass I brought my acoustic guitar bam song made. Use you typical happy chords G, Cadd9, D, things around those lines.

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here's a trick- write something depressing (like seeing a movie you hate)and finish it off with some little optimistic thing (the girl next to you is hot and flirts with you during the credits). I developed that technique when I discovered writing songs with bad endings put me in a bad mood.

and i have written a sad song about pie. the fly drowned in the cream. poor fly. made me wanna kick something. the police cured it with message in a bottle.
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Write about some memory that you're really fond of. That usually does it right there. About a pet, loved one, etc. Whatever.
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it doesnt have to be happy lyrics. just make it a really up beet song. and have lyrics about anything
man, just write about what you love. well, unless it doesnt love you back... or is dead.
So it goes.
..Jack Daniels if you please...

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ummmm. be happy? write something you really believe in and can relate to. don't just throw down something thinking it'll be "good enough" one idea i was taught is to start writing about a topic and just keep writing and keep writing (sometimes for an hour or even longer) and eventually you'll start really getting under the surface and finding out all this stuff you never knew about yourself on this topic, how it really makes you feel, thats what i do for a lot of my lyrics (child psychiatrists use this to to find out whats really on a kids mind)