im going to a show tonight (the white stripes) and on the ticket is says it starts at 8. now im wondering is this the time that the opening band goes on stage or is it the time that the stripes go on. i dont want to miss any of it so i would like to know. any help is greatly appreciated.

Is there definitely a support band?
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It's the time the doors open....Unless it specifically says "Doors Open blah blah, Starts:8PM"
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Its the time the doors open.

Usually concerts go something like this:

Doors: 7:30

Support: 8-8:30

Setup for main band: 8:30-9

Main Band: 9-11
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At least I saw them at bonnaroo. I would have loved to see them pay for more than an hour and a half though...
They're at the Amphitheatre right? They'll probably start letting you in at 8, the support(s) are probably playing at around 8:30 and the band will start at 9:30. I hope you got good seats, anything past section 300 is awful unless you want to get high on the lawn.
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well went to a concert a week ago where it said show starts at 7:30 and it did but that was just some crappy support which i missed half of.
Go at 3 in the morning, then you'll be sure to miss every horrible band playing...
Hehe...To tell the truth I don't dislike the white stripes...