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Hey guys, me and my friend are now starting to try all these new Energy Drinks which have been REALLY popular in the past few years. I want to make a thread where everyone can review an energy drink they have had or tasted. Then out of 4 stars, tell how many you would give the drink. Examples of energy drinks are:

. Red Bull
. Jolt
. Freek
. Monster
. Rock Star
. Full Throttle
. Tab
. Mountain Dew Amp

I'll start with a "Jolt: Cherry" review:

It had a really tall bottle. The cap was also very creative (it makes this awesome "popping" sound when you open it and all this air comes out). It tasted similar to a Dr Pepper or Mr. Pibb but it seemed to have a lot more flavor than just bubbles. It DID NOT taste like cherry in any shape or form. I would reccomend it to anyone who enjoys a Dr Pepper taste.

I would give this drink 4 out of 4 stars.

Bawls comes in a blue glass bottle, and where on most bottles would be ridges or indents for design, there are random bumps sticking out.
Bawls has a taste that reminds me of Sprite, or for those who remember Surge (an early energy drink I guess... kind of like Vault now, it was essentually a pop with more caffein tc) similar to that.
Not the greatest tasting, but there also is no bad after taste.

However, as an actual energy drink, I find that things such as Sobe Adrenaline work much better.

I rate BAWLS a 2.5 out of 4.
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Oh my goooddd


That just wins everytime

After that jolt is good

just all energy drinks are good

But we dont get that rockstar one in scotland, but i wish we did , THe sugar thing in it :O
Sprite 3G. 4/4 It tastes nice.

Rather lackluster thread.
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I would have to say I like Monster the best. It has a really smooth flavor that's not overpowering and it has a good energy boost. The flavor is kinda similar to Red Bull but not as bitter or sour. Monster also supports some great bands such as Norma Jean.

I give Monster a thumbs up with 4/4

(P.S. monster comes in many different kinds so it can be hard to choose, so far I would say the best are the regular and assault variety's)
anything but effing full throttle... those things are gross!!!! 0/4

monster khaos are really good. nice kind of fruity flavor.
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Monster 3/4 -> Sort of caustic to your body, but gives you a lot of energy
RedBull 2/4-> Tastes terrible, doesnt work as well, and is hella expensive
MountainDew's Energy drink 2.5/4-> Basically mountain dew with a higher amount of concentrate in it.. tastes alright energy is ok

Coffee 4/4-> Can taste ok, energy is off the charts.

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Mountain Dew Amp

The can is a fairly tall one. It actually taste quite similar to Mountain Dew but it has less of a watery taste to it. It also has a number of Vitamins and other Nutrients. The taste is VERY VERY good and can be a very addicting drink but don't wory, it has less than 50 grams of sugar in it. I would reccomend this to anyone who wants more than a lame ginger ale taste.

I would give this a four out of four stars.

Red Bull (Original)
This came is a pretty small can. It smells like cherry but tastes very bitter and sour. It DID NOT "give me wings" as the commercial said it and I did not feel energetic in fact I felt tired after drinking this. My friend thinks it tastes like rotten sour skittles. I would not reccomend this to anyone looking for a tasty drink.

I would give this a one out of four stars.
Monster is my drink of choice. Keeps me going.
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Vault is the best drink on the face of God's green-ass earth.

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Kick from Asda tastes so much better when stoned, as do most energy drinks.

You can get Kick in Asda as well as Tesco? Awesome
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Sprite 3G. 4/4 It tastes nice.

Rather lackluster thread.

How is this lackluster? You can't tell me no one has any interest in energy drinks. They're tasty and usally better for you than soda.

This is for people who are just so ****ing sick of the regular cola or ginger ale.
+1 on monster

that stuff is ****
its has a sweet flavor that reminds me off koolaid on steriods
its makes my mouth feel funny like a have to brush my teeth or sumthing
my rating- 0/4
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Comes in 710ml cans, that's twice the size of a coke can. The grape flavour tastes like artificial grape, not very great. The citrus flavour tastes like vitamin C pills, but it's not that bad.

It has 360 mg of caffeine in it. A red bull has 80 mg, a cup of strong black coffee has 120 mg.

If you are passing out from tiredness and absolutely need to stay awake for another 8 hours, have one. 5/5
red bull owns, even tho it doesnt energize me i still like it, a sour and sweet taste
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relentless wins, has more caffeine in than red bull and taste so good.

Its also bright yellow so you're like woah!
I love Rockstar. That's always been my drink. I always just get a couple of the tall cans. Good stuff. Nothing else works for me except Red Bull and Coke.
And stay away from the Steven Segall drinks at all cost.
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NOS (4/4, the best): Comes in 16 oz cans or funky blue bottles. Has an amazing orangish taste that I prefer over any soft drink and has a nice long crash free buzz. With 2,600 mg of taurine, it'll do wonders without the ass kicking effects of caffeine. This is the best but is unpopular for some reason.
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I'n a Red Bull addict. I've been on a diet of one Red Bull every morning for the past 2 years. Haven't skipped a day.
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I love Rockstar. That's always been my drink. I always just get a couple of the tall cans. Good stuff. Nothing else works for me except Red Bull and Coke.
And stay away from the Steven Segall drinks at all cost.


I've tried one of those, and it was the closest thing I've ever had to a near-death experience.

Simply because I am lazy and lacking in sufficient verbiage right now, I'll refer you to this article on Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt Energy Drink, in both the Asian Experience and Cherry Charge flavors.

On a more positive note, one of my favorite energy drinks was NRG. It was refreshing, crisp, and had a pleasing berry-like (though initially mediciney) flavor. Unfortunately, it was the most horrific shade of green, which was a bit off-putting if you were having it in a glass. It was also discontinued some time ago, so I don't think you can find it anymore, unless they sell it by the box on eBay (there is a market for discontinued soft drinks, so that's not too hard to imagine).

NRG gets my seal of approval, 3.5 out of 4 stars.
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Xenergy by Xyience, hands down is the best drink I have found.

From their website:
"It is a Sugar-Free, Calorie-Free, Ultra-Premium Energy Drink that has been scientifically engineered to provide quick, sustained, and lasting energy without the "crash" normally associated with energy drinks. XENERGY aslo has the perfect amount of caffiene, ginseng, a superior blend of B vitamins, and metabolism boosters to help increase alertness, burn more calories, & provide a jitter-free energy that won't bring you down."

It comes in a few differant flavors, which is nice to mix it up a little. I use them to workout, study, work, and I mix it with alcohol for a nice mixed drink.

4 out of 4

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All energy drinks are pretty much the same. You have caffeine + sugar, and then a bunch of fairly useless crap.

Something different ------>

Yohimbe is an MAOI, so you don't want to drink too many of these, and actually two is too much for most people as it is pretty freaking stimulating.

Much much better than caffeine though. Not so jittery and you are bursting with energy. The downside is that it is more expensive than regular energy drinks even and you have to go to a GNC or something to get it (unless you order online).

4 out of 4

oh yeah, other downside if you drink more than one is that yohimbe is an aphrodisiac and can make you quite horny!
i like moster best, its what i drink (really cuse its what they have and at the local venue) before i get into any mosh and or circle pits and what not
Full Throttle blue demon is the only good kind....and moster still pwns it
red bull sucks it makes my eyes burn
well i gotta say i like almost all of the energy drinks but my favorites that i would give definite 5/5 is Red Bull, Monster (the no carb sux ass), Full Throttle (original, Fury, and Blue Demon), Rockstar, Vault, Amp, Sobe Adrenaline Rush, Sobe NO FEAR (regular and gold)
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Someone mentioned it, but "Kick" from Tesco (and apparently Asda) is good for the price- in fact it is a quarter of the price of the same amount of Red Bull!
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i like moster best, its what i drink (really cuse its what they have and at the local venue) before i get into any mosh and or circle pits and what not
Full Throttle blue demon is the only good kind....and moster still pwns it
red bull sucks it makes my eyes burn

Why did you put it in your eyes at all??
ive never had straight red bull, but my first experiance with it was doing a yagerbomb (spelling is definatly wrong) last night. get half cup of redbull, shot of yagermeister(againg spelling is off i think), put the shotglass full of yager into the cup of redbull then drink. it didnt taste that bad, and got me pretty drunk, along wiht drinking 7 beers.

but my first and favourite energy drink is Monster, i only really like the monster in the green writing, damn that stuff is awesome.
jolts are awesome to.
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Energy drinks are just a worse version of alcohol, the only reason people drink them is because they think it'll make them feel different, problem is alcohol acctualy has an effect, energy drinks are just a load of balls.
I've drunk so many red bulls, sprite 3Gs, relentless' and other assorted energy drink crap over the years and have felt **** all.
Red Bull: 2.7\4

Good Kick, Small, Nice Taste, Mix with Jagermister and get Jagerbombs :P

RockStar: 3.7/4

Good Kick, Big Bad Can, Taste has a slight resembelence to beer, cheapper,
^This post was probably sarcastic


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