Im having a hard time EQing my new bass amp. It's a Peavey TKO 115 S. I;m usually pretty good at EQing when it comes to your standard EQ knobs (high, med, low, and the occasional few extras like presence, mid freq, and stuff) But this amp has a 7-band EQ ranging from 40, 100, 250, 625, 1.6k, 4k, 10k. I dunno what positions to put these in to get any kind of sounds. Right now i have the bass in standard and im playing a lot of Peppers and Maiden, but i Would also like some advice for settings for Trivium, and some lower-tuning songs. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Playing Peppers - scoop the mids and boost bass&treb.

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Playing Trivium- it's difficult to get the right tone because Paolo uses a BC Rich with two P pickups so that is loads of low end growl in the tone. But I'd say for that have mids at 3 o clock, highs at 12 and lows at 5 o clock or even full.
The thing about the whole low/mid/treble knob setting (guitar players have this problem especially) is that all it really is is a 3-band EQ. Instead of calling it, say, 80Hz, they call it Low. Instead of 500Hz, they call it mid. Instead of 10kHz, they call it treble. Go to the manual of other amps you are familiar with, look at the specs sheet, and see which frequencies the low/mid/treble knobs modify. That way, you can dial in the EQ you liked on your 7-band, and fill in the remaining 4 to complete the curve.
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^This helped me a lot in understanding the whole thing. It's just a quick overview basically.
And I have the same amp as you...

A lot of the knowledge of EQ and tone comes from a lot of experimenting.

Thanks that did help. What are your settings? I'd just like to try them.
My settings go like so,

40= -10
100= +5
250= +10
625= 0
1.6k= +10
4k= 0
10k= between 0 and -5

^ Thats the 7band eq setup. I also have the "punch" in and the "bright" off

My Shelving settings are LOW= -3 HIGHS= +12

When I use the chorus effect I have the settings at
RATE= 2.5 Depth= 4.5

I like these settings for now. Still looking for the "right" sound for me though.

Love the Low end
the standard eq shape is
imagine a womans profile sidways lying down. with the the hips as the bass part. a thin stomach. and large boobies as the treble part.

like a V shape but less defined.