I just phoned up a guitar shop to track my order and they said that the DSL 100 i had orderd isnt avaliable until the end of november because there is a problem with the metals in it, or it needs re-wireing because there is something wrong with them?

I dont want to wait until the end of november so i was wondering what other marshall amp to get. Whats the next step up in quality from the DSL and TSL range?

Is this a good alternative...

How about...

Yeh have a look at the JCM 800 and 900 and maybe the new JVM on GAK. It looks pretty special and has some cracking reviews. You can probably find it cheaper than £899 as well, i'm sure i saw it for £799 somewhere.

btw, i do own a DSL100 and they are damn good but if you can't wait have a looky at the above.
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How about stop being a zombie to the gold, white and black and buy something else?

Edit: If you REALLY REALLY REALLY want a Marshall, hit up eBay for a DSL100 or DSL50, they're on there all the time.
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