Does anyone watch this show? I watched a few episodes today for the first time and its a pretty good show. I feel like a pussy watching it though.
I remember watching that a few years back. I think. Either that, or it was a song by Bleeding Through. Or both. I dunno.
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yeah actually i loved that show i saw every episode of it. Sadly they dont make new eppisodes nemore
Yeah, I saw it this morning on Sci-Fi and started to watch it. It's a really cool show. I've never seen it before now though.
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used to watch it....anyone noticed how incredibly skinny George was in the last episodes?
I watched it a few times, wasn't exactly massive in the UK was good though, but i did feel there was a distinct amount of pointless swearing. I mean i have no problem with swearing i like it but it did seem kinda pointless lol .
DAMN I LOVE THAT SHOW! when does it play again? I've been thinking about it all day it's a great show.